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A társaságon kívüli megrendelõk számára az éves elõfizetési díj összege: Példányonkénti ára: A folyóiratban megjelenõ közleményekrõl külön lenyomat A folyóiratban valamennyi írásos és képi anyag közlési joga a szerkesztõséget illeti. A megjelent anyag, illetve annak egy részének bármilyen formában történõ másolásához, ismételt megjelentetéséhez a szerkesztõség hozzájárulása szükséges.

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George, Turton Penelope, Helis Eftyhia. That is, half of the hypertensives did not know about their condition, half of those who knew about their hypertension were not treated, and half of those who were treated were not controlled.

A study conducted by Katharina Wolf-Maier et al. These changes were manifold and involved not only significant developments in the medical field but also a transition in the socioeconomic status of the Province.


More specifically, during the above mentioned period, new classes of antihypertensive drugs were introduced, most prominently, the calcium channel blockers and inhibitors of the renin-agiotensinaldosterone system.

The promotion of these new drugs was accompanied by intensive professional education reaching out to most Canadian family physicians. These drugs were received with increased acceptability by physicians and patients alike and, notably, an exponential increase in prescriptions for antihypertensive medications took place, especially between and These updates, which occur on a yearly basis, are based on new knowledge acquired over the past year and are distributed to every practicing physician across the country.

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The annual update is published in a short, well-designed and attractive pamphlet containing lucid instructions concerning diagnostic workup and treatment of hypertensive patients.

These guidelines are very popular with general practitioners and are, indeed, used in most practices. In general, the CHEP proved to be suc- cessful beyond expectation.


Detailed information about this program was recently published by McAlister et al. Some other important aspects calling for an up-to-date survey on the BP status of the Ontario population included the sizable influx of new immigrants, mostly to large urban centres such as Toronto. The majority of these immigrants were coming from countries with high CVD and cerebrovascular stroke mortality. It was, therefore, essential to establish whether there were any ethnic differences in the prevalence and control of hypertension in Ontario indicating a ruksin hipertónia 2020 for special attention to these immigrant groups.

There was also a need to evaluate the potential impact of the increasing occurrence of obesity and diabetes on the prevalence and control of hypertension in the Canadian population. We endeavoured to assess to what extent hypertensive patients did follow a recommended healthy diet and increased their level of physical activity in order ruksin hipertónia 2020 reduce their BP, as well as what impact these lifestyle behaviours actually had on BP control.

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Respondents who reported their ethnic background as black or South Asian had a 2- to 3-fold greater likelihood of having hypertension. From tothe yearly decrease for the same indicators became more prominent; This marked decline in mortality sinceas well as the noted increase in the prescriptions of antihypertensive medications during the above mentioned period, also coincide with the launch of the CHEP i.

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The aim was to make citizens more aware of their BP, what a BP reading means, as well as the importance of getting high BP under control. In this, we have to take into consideration that the pharmaceutical industry also played a significant role by working closely with physicians and also launching advertisement campaigns aimed at the lay public.

All these health educational endeavours collectively may have impacted favourably on the level of hypertension awareness among the Ontario residents.

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Ultimately, ruksin hipertónia 2020 considerable effort that has been put forth over the past several years to address hypertension in Canada seems to have achieved the desired goals. Currently, Canada has the lowest mortality due to strokes worldwide World Health Organization. The world health report Reducing risks, promoting healthy life.

Geneva: The Organization; Effects of different regimens to lower blood pressure on major cardiovascular events in older and younger adults: meta-analysis of randomised trials. Ruksin hipertónia 2020 ; Hypertension prevalence and blood pressure levels in 6 European countries, Canada, and the United States.

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Hypertension ; 43 1 Inter-regional comparisons of the prevalence of cardiometabolic risk factors magas vérnyomás éhgyomri kezelés videó patients with hypertension in Europe: the GOOD survey.

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